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About Cardano Casino

The retro-style casino in Cardano blockchain


Cardano Casino was founded with the goal of transforming the online gambling experience through the integration of cutting-edge Blockchain and Web3 technology.
Our goal is to establish ourselves as a leading Crypto Casino on the Cardano blockchain, offering a nostalgic, retro-style gaming experience that accepts various currencies. We are committed to providing a diverse range of online casino games to cater to players with various preferences.

What We Offer

  • Cardano Casino Royale: Cardano Casino Royale includes all the casino games developed in-house and available at Cardano Casino.
  • Jackpot Junction 1: The first casino game in Cardano Casino Royale. Junction 1 offers a complete mini pixel universe where you can place bets while exploring the slot machine area and interacting with fellow players.
  • Jackpot Junction 2: A slot machine game that lets you select your preferred slot type to test your luck and pull the lever.
  • CC Poker Bot: CC Poker Bot is a user-friendly tool designed for effortless setup of poker tournaments and managing your deposit system.
  • Profit Sharing: Cardano Casino goes the extra mile by rewarding our VIP holders based on our casino and investment earnings.
  • NFT Raffle/Lottery: Users can acquire an entry into the Raffle/Lottery bot by using their own $CC.
  • Tournaments: Cardano Casino organizes weekly and monthly poker tournaments, challenging your skills against formidable opponents.
We believe that NFTs are more than just a collectible or a work of art; they are an investment that generates income for holders by holding a portion of our project. That is exactly the path we are taking, and we are very excited to see it through.
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