Casino Paper V1.2


A line with the team's goal of creating a great community of bettors and rewarding them

Introduction of socials and website


CC Passes distribution to our loyal members, giveaways and collaborations

Released: August 2022

Release of Season 1 OG Chippy Collection

Released: September 03, 2022

Launch Staking Platform

Released: October 27, 2022

In-House Lottery using $CC or $ADA

Released: December 06,2022

Start establishing a CC Betting Bot and start introducing it to other projects for possible partnerships

The developer is already working on it

Bidding, marketplace, events and tournaments using our native token $CC

Bidding, tournaments, and events will start in February 2023. The in-house marketplace will be available in March 2023.

Release of Season 2 Gambler Collection

Releasing this March 2023

CC Betting Bot

Releasing this March 2023

Continue establishing the brand and marketing by keeping the community engaged, adding some blue chip prizes in lotteries, bidding and marketplace, and hosting some tournaments and events

Releasing this 2023

Other features of betting bot will be added

Releasing this 2023
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