Casino Paper V1.2

Phase 1

Own a Cardano Casino NFT with our limited Chippy and Gambler Collection. Join now and experience the thrill of betting!


A collection of hand-crafted poker chips that consists of 1310 Chippy with various traits that are mostly inspired by Cardano projects. OG is entitled to earn $CC on our staking platform, which is already live. Additionally, OG holders will be eligible to earn a 5% profit share on all platforms that will be developed.
Cardano Casino: Chippy Collection
Released: September 03,2022

Gamblers' Collection Series 1

The Gamblers Collection Series 1 is a 2D art form composed of 1690 NFTs with various traits inspired by the OG Collection and other casino games. When this collection is released to the public, it will be eligible for more $CC rewards than the OG. It can also earn a profit share in the Betting bot, which depends on the number of gamblers' collections you have.
By becoming a holder, you can own a portion of our business and earn numerous rewards. You can also have early access to all of the platforms that will be developed. Check our other utilities.
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