Casino Paper V1.2


What is Cardano Casino?
Cardano Casino is a collection of NFTs on the Cardano blockchain that aims to build a convenient one stop casino platform.
The main goal is to create a platform where users can either choose to use ADA or $CC to play their favorite casino games or betting games while being in the community. The platform will also be designed in such a way where you could claim your rewards, buy assets, and play with other users.
We will host some tournaments and events that will require a specific amount of $CC to participate in order to win various rewards and real-world items. Bidding with our in-house lottery will also be available on our platform, allowing you to use your $CC to win lucrative prizes.
We believe that NFT's are more than just a collectible or a work of art; it is an investment that generates income for holders by holding a portion of our company. That is exactly the path we are taking, and we are very excited to see it through.
Join us now and become our VIP by owning a part of our NFTs to enjoy lucrative and numerous rewards!